7 reasons for using the M&M Mortgage Centre

  • Independent comparisons – all banks and building societies in one place.
  • The lowest interest on the market, currently as low as 1.99% – a strong position on the financial market allows us to negotiate the best conditions for our clients.
  • The best selection of banks and building societies – we choose the bank or financial institution that currently offer the best conditions for you.
  • Return of reservation deposit – if you finance your selected property through the M&M Mortgage Centre, you needn't worry about losing your reservation deposit.
  • Free estimate – on selected properties, you have the possibility to obtain a free estimate for arranging your mortgage.
  • Fast processing – the simplified process of processing your mortgage significantly accelerates the procedure and release of money.
  • Everything for free – the services of the M&M Mortgage Centre are completely free for our clients.

Services for our clients

Mortgages and loans from building savings

Mortgages and loans from building savings have in recent years become a modern and simple solution for purchasing or improving your home. We preform a comprehensive analysis of your possibilities. We arrange the entire loan, verifiably saving you time and money. We take care of many administrative operations for you. We can offer you the lowest interest rates on the market. We offer you cheaper and better solutions that banks or savings and loans can offer you at their branch offices.

Mortgage refinancing

Through refinancing, we are able to improve your mortgage conditions by replacing your old loan with a new one. We track the time before your fixed rate expires and negotiate a lower interest rate, better conditions and above all lower monthly payments. Proper refinancing allows you to save tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns.

Agreements with building societies

Building societies offer highly secure deposits, and as they are legally insured, no one needs to worry about losing their money. You can also enjoy high returns, deposit premiums and state contributions.

Consumer loans

If you are interested in a non-purpose loan without collateral, we offer an alternative in the form of express loans. Consumer loans are characterised by their very fast processing, their use for any purpose you wish (the bank does not follow what you use the money for), medium range maturity (typically 1-10 years), and banks usually do require collateral (depending on the amount of the loan).

Free consultations

We belong to a large, purely Czech holding group. M&M Hypocentrum s.r.o. ranks among the leaders on the financing market. We are able to perform a comprehensive analysis of your possibilities, to compare them and choose the option that is best for you. We provide this premium service to our clients free of charge.

What else can we do for you?

Processing individual offers

We prepare an independent comparison of bank and building society products for you.


The M&M Mortgage Centre provides its services free of charge.

Custom financing

We propose the best financing for your individual needs.


We collect all of the necessary materials for appraisals and also choose a certified appraiser, with whom everything is then arranged.

Complete administration

We put together all of the necessary materials for arranging the loan and deliver them to the bank.

Negotiating exceptional conditions

Thanks to our strong position on the mortgage market, we negotiate the best conditions with banks and building societies.

Check of the approval process

We monitor and oversee the course of the approval process.

Loan signature and release of funds

The loan is signed in our presence; we familiarise you in detail with the loan documentation, answer all your questions and supervise the use of the funds.

Mortgage consulting

The services of the M&M Mortgage Centre are free of charge for the buyer throughout the entire process.